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Amazon FBA: Step-by-Step Guide to Picking & Listing a Product with LIVE Example, Product Review, & 6-Month Chat Support

Everything you need to go from no experience to creating a successful Viral Launch for your first product.

We asked 454 students what their greatest fear is:

"Yes... It is fear. Afraid of not being able to find a product that will sell. Also afraid of spending cash that I won't get a return on." 

"Fear of not being able to sell anything. Fear of not being introduced into a market that is already capped."

"Fear of picking a product that won't sell."

Information Overload

And when we dug deeper we saw that the reason students were afraid of failing is because they were overwhelmed with the amount of training material out there.

There are an endless amount of YouTube videos, blog articles, podcasts, and ebooks. 

This increased their fear that they would do something wrong, make a mistake, and fail losing their time and money.

The Solution = Amazon FBA + eLearning Expert

Imagine There Are 2 Friends From Middle School

One created an Amazon FBA business that generates $100,000+ in revenue / year.

The other is teaching over 84,000 students in their online courses. 

Then they partner to create the most badass Amazon FBA training on the market!

The 3 questions we ask religiously while creating our content

  1. How can we get you to actually take action?
  2. How can we make this process as easy as possible?
  3. How can we give you the highest possible chance of success?

This is more than an online course

What Is Included In Enrollment

Perfect Product Course

This course includes 7+ hours of content broken up into 110 different video lessons. 52 of those videos are action based where you receive 1 task and we walk you through exactly how to complete it.

Personal Product Review

Afraid that you'll pick the wrong product that won't sell? Before you place an order for your first product you will receive an in-depth product review by Erik Rogne. He'll give you his advice about whether or not to import it.

6 Month Slack & FB Group

You never have to fear getting stuck while going through our program. Immediately after enrolling you will join our Slack group where you can ask Erik Rogne any question. You also get lifetime access to our FB alumni group.

35 Interactive PDFs

We've been told that the PDFs are the secret sauce to our program! These PDFs automate as much of the process as possible including our 32 different product criteria to make sure you pick a winning product before you import it.

42 PDFs on Expert tactics

During the 3+ years Erik Rogne has been growing his Amazon FBA business he's learned many strategies both from online sources & direct experience. We've curated the best of his advice into 42 in-depth PDFs that will help you take your FBA business to another level.

8 Fill-In-the-blank templates

Are you afraid of communicating with Chinese suppliers? Whether it's a fear of saying the wrong thing, not knowing how to negotiate, or forgetting something important we've got you covered. You get 8 fill-in-the-blank template messages for communicating with suppliers.

What Student's Are Saying

"Eric has compiled this course UNLIKE ANY OTHER FBA COURSE. Great explanations of work throughs. Great workable examples from product selection to contacting suppliers which is what i was stuck on in previous courses. He supplies all email templates for emailing suppliers etc. His pace is just perfect for me as I'm some one who is a visual learner (i like to see his screen) then to take action after each step on my end. Great work boys on a step by step informative and practical course. Cheers from Sydney Australia."

Greg Flavell

"As a newbie getting into Amazon FBA, it was very easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information floating around on the internet. Essentially, I just needed someone to tell me where and how to start. By having actionable items in the course, it really encouraged and forced me to act on the items I was learning instead of passively absorbing the information. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about Amazon FBA but more importantly, learning how to start!"

Richard Tar

Get Lifetime Access To The Full Perfect Product System For $995 $495

90 Day Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

Our refund is no questions asked. If you don't like the course or if you change your mind about Amazon FBA you get a full refund. All you have to do is send an email to with the subject line "I want a refund" and we will process it immediately! We want to eliminate as much of the risk as possible for you and on our end we only want happy students :)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a refund policy?

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About Your Instructors

Erik Rogne

Runs a $100,000 per-year Amazon FBA business
Engineer, Entrepreneur​

Erik Rogne is a systems thinker and has created an easy-to-follow Amazon FBA system that he's followed many times to launch different products. Originally he created for himself but now, for the first time, he is sharing what he learned through real-world experience inside this course.

Eric Campbell

Teaching 84,000+ students in online courses
Video production, eLearning​

Eric Campbell has been teaching online courses for 3+ years. His teaching philosophy is the only way to learn anything is to do it yourself. He has been able to turn Erik Rogne's system and teachings into an easy to follow course that walks you through step-by-step in launching your first Amazon FBA product. 


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