How To Order A Sample For Your Amazon FBA Product (Part 1 of 3)

Ordering a product sample is a great accomplishment in every Amazon FBAer's journey. Product research is one of the hardest parts, and by ordering a product sample, you get to validate your claims and make sure the product meets your standards.

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So you've done the hard part--you've found a product--Congratulations! Now how do you go about ordering it?


Why do we get a Product Sample?

What use is a product sample? You've already seen product pictures.   To be honest, I don't always order a product sample to save time. Although, I would always recommend that you order a product sample for the following reasons.

  1. Establish a relationship with your supplier
  2. Verify that your product is what you want
  3. Verify that the quality is up to your standards
  4. Product pictures

Establish a Relationship with your Supplier

This is an incredibly important turning point in the relationship, here you will show your supplier that you are serious. Keep them updated throughout the process.   Whenever I order a product sample, I make sure that the supplier will refund me the sample cost when I place a larger order. This way, it ensures that you can't lose since you will be refunded if you do, in fact, like the product.

Verify your Product

Is this product what you expected? Does its function serve its purpose? After you have ordered your product sample, the first thing you want to do is write a long list of questions and make sure that your sample fits that criteria.

Verify your Product Quality

This is one of the main purposes of a product sample. There are many unethical facilities in China and they sometimes outsource their outsourcing, this leads to higher and higher costs or lower and lower quality.  Quality is hard to tell from a picture, and you really need to feel and use it before you can assess quality.

Product Pictures

Usually after product research, your supplier will be reputable, and the quality will be good. However, the pictures when sourcing are usually terrible, and to sell well on Amazon, you need excellent pictures.   You can either take product pictures yourself or outsource it, there are many services that will take product pictures for you.

Continuing the Process

Now that you've verified that you want to continue with your product, the next step is to list your product!

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