How Much Investment It Took Me To Start My Amazon FBA Business

One of the most common questions I get from new sellers is, how much of an Amazon FBA investment do I need? Personally I started my Amazon business with a $300 investment. I know… its crazy… but it worked.

Don't get me wrong--You probably need more than that

I had a lot more money to throw around than $300, the thing is that I don't like taking unknown risks. This is not a good or bad thing, but it has helped me a lot. I am always cautious before leaping into something, but at some point you have to dive straight in and commit a small amount of money.


My #1 Mistake While Selling on Amazon FBA

The #1 mistake I made while selling on Amazon was not committing soon enough. I was aware of the opportunity in 2012, yet I didn't really start until 2015. You just have to jump in and do it—you’re going to learn from experience whether successful or not (my first attempt was a complete failure); the key is to persevere and never give up. The number one way people fail is because they give up before even starting—this means they don’t give it their all and instead look for excuses.

Commit to Something

As I touched on earlier, by committing a smaller amount of capital, you are more willing to jump in. Think: if you HAD to commit $5000, would you? How about $500? With less capital, you are more willing to jump in right then and there.

Back to the Money

I started with $300, this was only because I started with a small order of 50 units @ $6 each including shipping. I was incredibly fortunate, but usually you need more.

You need money for…

  1. Product Samples
  2. Manufactured Products
  3. Shipping and Import Taxes
  4. Product Images
  5. Sponsored Ads
  6. Amazon Fees

So as you can tell, I usually bootstrap everything. I do everything myself initially and when the product starts to do well I invest more time and money into it.

Iterating Your Product

The great thing is that you can iterate upon your listing and product, it isn't one-off. That is why I was able to start with $300 and continue to reinvest and reinvest until I have more than enough money to deal with.

Overall, the minimum Amazon FBA investment I would recommend is $300.

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